Hello, I’m Lesh Karan.

I’m a former pharmacist turned health writer & food coach. This is my little home on the web, where I write about my thoughts on nourishing the belly & soul.

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We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery, we need humanity; more than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost.

Charles Chaplin

Cooking with what you’ve got

Tod Davies Jam today

Have you heard of Tod Davies? No? Then allow me to introduce you to her. (Yep, Tod is a she.) Tod’s book Jam today: A diary of cooking with what you’ve got is a breath of fresh air, and unlike any book on food that I’ve ever read. Her writing has made me fall in […]

How often do you create?


I’ve just finished reading A man without country by Kurt Vonnegut. I’d love to quote the whole book, but that’d be plagiarism, so here’s a quote on creating that stood out for me: Go into the arts. I’m not kidding. The arts are not a way to make a living. They are a very human […]

Spring cleaning that creates inner space (and calm)

peaceful buddha 2

Melbourne’s weather is hinting spring. And, indeed, it has sprung. With it, I’m getting the urge to clean and declutter. Not in the typical sense, but, rather, the things we cannot see or touch, and that unconsciously become a part of us. Like negative thought patterns, and the digital stuff that takes up more of […]

We all eat, and it would be a sad waste of opportunity to eat badly.

Anna Thomas