What does your blood type have to do with it?

Recently a girlfriend emailed me for some food-related advice. She wanted to know my opinion on ‘eating too much’ meat. When I asked her why, she said her personal trainer had her on an eating plan that included meat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


That’s a lot of meat.

Her trainer also had her doing hard-core training with weights and boot-camp type activities. No doubt she would need more protein than your average sedentary office worker. But still, she was uncomfortable with the amount of meat her trainer was suggesting for her to eat.

So I also asked her about her blood type.

She said it’s A positive.

Now I understood where she was coming from.

According to the Blood Type Diet, those who are type A tend to veer towards a vegetarian diet. While these individuals may not be vegetarian, they usually don’t feel the need to eat as much meat as, say, those who are blood type O.

I have come across this time and time again. Those who have told me they can’t do without their meat have been type O — all of them. (I’ve yet to meet a vegetarian type O, but I’m sure you’re out there!)

The premise behind this is that type O is the original blood type — the type of our original ancestors, the hunter–gatherer. The belief is that these individuals would generally do better on a meat-based diet, such as the Paleolithic (Paleo) diet. Whereas blood type A evolved during the advent of agriculture — when the body had to adapt to digesting and assimilating grains.

I first became aware of the blood type diet when a friend bought me Cook Right for your Type cookbook. That was about 10 years ago. And back then, while I thought it was an interesting concept, I didn’t hold much regard for it.

There are still a lot of elements that I question — it’s quiet restrictive. For each of the four blood types (O, A, B & AB) there’s are a long list of foods that is divided into beneficial, neutral and avoid categories. Besides, there’s more to consider than one’s blood type when it comes to food and health in my opinion.

But you can use the principles of any dietary theory that suit your needs best. That’s the beauty of bio-individuality and listening to your body.

Interestingly, the blood type of the majority of students studying health coaching with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition is type A, including me. Which explains my love for grains and legumes (but that could be because I’m Indian too!).

How about you? What blood type are you? Do you ‘feel’ the need eat meat? Please share in the comments below.

To health & happiness,

Lesh xx

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  1. says

    I am B+ and I was raised being a Vegetarian and then later in life when i married my husband, meat eater, i started eating more meat. I went back to being a vegetarian 10 years ago. There are times that when I smell meat cooking it smells so good but mainly am only tempted to eat chicken, beef smells good but not tempted to eat it.

  2. says

    Super interesting, Lesh! I didn’t realise vegetarianism had anything to do with blood type. I am A and definitely feel like my body is happier without meat. Its good to know my instincts are in line with science sometimes!


  3. says

    That is so interesting. My husband is a type O and he claims exactly that – he can’t live without meat!! But I’m an AB+ and I could really take or leave meat and actually tend more towards a plant based diet myself.

    Love the fact about IIN too :P

  4. Alexia @ NamasteYoga says

    i love this post, its exactly what i have been lookingn at recently. I am blood type 0 and i actually follow a say 80% vegan diet, in summers mostly raw, but I do loooove my occasional piece of salmon, raw goats cheese or even an omelette. I was lucky to grow up on a chicken farm, so i can always get fresh eggs from home, have farmers around me that produce my goats cheese and when going for fish try to pick a wild caught or organic. I try to balance out what my body needs and am finally OK with the fact that I am just craving for more protein than other people. Maybe the blood type has to do with it. While I could definitely give up pasta (actually i have), bread and other starchy carbs I could definitely not give up on high protein foods: in te vegan world, greens, nuts and seeds, sprouts and quinoa are my favourites!

  5. says

    Fabulous post Lesh! I’m O positive and have found (especially in winter) that my body does need at least a little meat. I don’t eat as much of it as recommended for O type people, however considering I’ve been raw, vegan and vegetarian at certain times I know I cannot support those ways of eating for extended periods of time. Definitely more raw in the summer, though, Trial and error! xxx

  6. katie says

    I have just found your blog and am really enjoying it :)

    I am o+ and had been vegetarian since the age of 13, simply because I didn’t like meat and it didn’t feel right for my body (my parents thought I was crazy). Never in my time as veg did I crave meat or have to hold back at a BBQ! I just assumed that I would never eat meat again.

    But this year, out to dinner with my boyfriend, his rare steak arrived at the table and I couldn’t take my eyes off it!! It felt super weird and was a HUGE mental barrier to break through (I am 27 so more than half of my life I have been veg), but I ate a bit of the steak and have craved it ever since. Now I’ve been eating the occasional (tiny piece of) steak and chicken as well, and now I somehow don’t find my usual veg food as satisfying. I don’t know how much it’s instinctual and how much it’s just what you get used to.

    For now I am going to follow my cravings and see how I feel – and I have quite enjoyed the meat so I think that’s a good guide.


  7. Kaza says

    I’m an O negative and can easily live without meat. It’s never been my thing, even when I was as young as 5. I eat mostly vegetarian. My husband is also an O negative and loves to eat meat. Our daughter, also O negative, can take it or leave it.

  8. Juda says

    Hi Lesh

    I love your approach to health via food and fun. Your Enewsletter is always inspirational. After posting this comment I’m going to make some of that heart soothing tea mentioned by the Tea Coup lady! Okay, blood type and eating. I am A – and waiver between eating lots of meat and eating vegetable and grain based dishes. When the Blood type diet first came out I followed it religiously as in strict. Didn’t last that long because too many restrictions trigger my binge eating disorder. And I found I craved more meat the more I restricted it. These days I do my best to tune into my body’s signals.

    Happy Eating,

    • says

      Darcy, just a couple of things:
      1) please read the post again ~ especially where I say: Besides, there’s more to consider than one’s blood type when it comes to food and health in my opinion.
      2) it’s ok to disagree with some one but please be mindful of how you say it. I try to create a space here that everyone feels comfortable leaving a comment, but in return I ask that they be respectful and mindful of they words they choose to use.

      Thank you.

  9. girlpower says

    Have just found and joined your website Lesh, thanks :)
    This is such an interesting read as I have the book about the four different blood types and did try to follow the food groups for my type being O neg.
    I also found it too restricting but funnily enough I do try to incorporate protein in most meals….I seem to be able to digest meat well and I find that I get quiet bloated
    if I just eat fruits, grains & veggies without protein also, not to mention feeling quiet hungry again shortly afterwards, protein doesn’t cause me to feel like this tho

    So pleased I happened upon your site from a link in one of the Thermomix sites I was looking at ;)

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