8 healthy gluten & wheat free bread options + the life-changing bread by My New Roots

Many hold their bread close to their heart.

It’s a comfort food.

It’s a convenient food

It makes quick meals easily — like sandwiches (which are easily to travel with too).

It’s, as we Aussies say, a no brainer.

But what do you do if you need (or want) to avoid gluten?

All of a sudden we realise how attached we are to the stuff, and can’t imagine what else we’d eat!

Bread and pasta are perhaps the main foods people miss when they cut out gluten.

Because this has been a challenge for some of my clients, I decided to share some healthy alternatives — that are delicious too.

I talked about healthy gluten-free pasta options in a recent post, and promised to get back to you about bread.

So here we are.

I must say it was more challenging to find healthy gluten-free bread options (that I consider ‘clean’ enough) than it was to find pasta options.


For a healthy gluten-free bread in Australia (that’s not full of gums, preservatives and starches), I recommend:

1. Buckwheat bread by Naturis (you can order online)

2. The gluten-free bread by Dench Bakery (in Melbourne) — it’s made with buckwheat, brown rice and chickpea flours

3. Sprouted & cultured gluten-free bread by Spring Wellness (I haven’t had the opportunity to try this one, as it’s based in NSW, but the recommendation comes from a trusted source)

4. Dehydrated crackers by Kitz Living Foods (a loose definition of bread, I know, but it’s still delicious and does the job!)

Or you can make your own!

5. Shauna of Gluten-Free Girl has a tried and tested recipe that as healthy as you can get when it comes to bread, in the traditional sense

6. Otherwise there is the life-changing bread by Sarah Britton of My New Roots (more about this amazing bread below)

For healthy wheat-free bread options, I recommend:

7. Any bread made by Ancient Grains — organic sourdough breads, which are wheat, yeast, soy and dairy free

8. Sprouted rye bread from PureLife

A gluten-free version of the Life-Changing bread by My New Roots

LC Bread 2

This bread has a very different texture to conventional bread. Some people many not like it, but others absolutely  love it.

You can get the recipe and instructions from My New Roots. Here’s my experience of making and eating it:

  • To make it gluten-free, instead of the oats*, I used the same amount of quinoa flakes. I haven’t made the oat version, so I can’t really compare.
  • I made it in a ceramic-coated carbon-steal loaf pan, which I lined with parchment paper and it worked fine (Sarah uses a silicon pan).
  • I particularly love it toasted with avocado and unpasteurised genmai (brown rice) miso. (Genmai miso tastes like vegemite, but is WAY healthier.)
  • I also love it toasted with some delicious home-made soup.

*oats are technically gluten-free, but because they are processed on the same equipment as gluten-containing grains, they contain trace amounts of gluten. You can source gluten-free oats, but I believe they are more readily available in the US. Besides, I find that quinoa flakes are much lighter on the tummy than oats.


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  1. Manola says

    Hi there, I am really interested in sarah brittons recipe for gluten free. bread where would I find the recipe thanxs

  2. Joni says

    Would highly recommend Black Ruby Gluten Free Bread as its also suitable for vegans (all of their products are egg and dairy free!). It is by far the best GF bread I have ever tried

  3. Simon Tarlinton says

    Hi there, I have read all of your info gluten-free breads and am now
    Enquiring ad out the recipe for this. Thanks

  4. Andrew says

    Hi I’m halfway through reading a book wheat belly by William Davis have been on a no wheat diet for 5 days & love my non bloated belly & loss of sugar carvings would love some non wheat bread recipes

    • says

      Hi Jeena, you may like to google this. I love the paleo bread in Belle Gibson’s book The Whole Pantry (which has now been taken off the market due to recent controversy surrounding her). Such a shame, because her recipes are truly great.
      Good luck, Lesh

  5. sara says


    The 4 gluten free breads you mentioned, are they also wheat free? I am after a nice gluten free and wheat free bread, and where from in Melbourne or a website you recommend.

    Thank you very much, I’m new to this and really need the help.

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